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Recreational Specials

Rec Specials

*Sales subject to locations current inventory

Ongoing Sales/Happy Hours

The Clear Happy Hour 25% off daily 3 - 7pm. 

Oh Hi Cases $60 out the door! Mix and match flavors.

Keef Kola 10mg 4 for $20 out the door!

Thursday BOGO 50% off on Incredibles products.

Sweet Saturdays 25% off all Sweet CO2 products. 

Friday - Sunday Dixie Mindset Cartridges are 2 for $50.

Kahna Days 30% off on the 15th each month. 

DO Rosin BOGO 50% off every Sunday!

October Deals

25% off Nove Chocolate

The Clear (10/29-10/31) 25% off ALL DAY!

Sweet Cartrdiges 25% off 10/31