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Clone Program

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Raised at our state-of-the-art La Plata County-based cannabis farm, Durango Organics offers marijuana clones to its customers.

Customers at our Durango dispensary simply select the name and strain available and place a deposit for the desired clones.

Be aware, all weekly clone orders and deposits must be received by 4:20 p.m. on Thursday. The plants are subsequently delivered to the dispensary and available for pickup during regular business hours on Friday.

In compliance with City of Durango regulations, clones cannot remain in the store after closing each Friday. Contact us for more information.

At our Cortez dispensary, limited strains of clones are stored on site and remain available as supplies last. Contact us for more information, or check the list below:

List of clones for Monday, June 18 2018


Medical Clone Pick up Friday 06/22/2018


Banana Split

Maui Wowie

Purple Bio Diesel



Citrus Sap



Sour Sunset

Sweet Thunder


Blue Dream


Double Tangie Banana


Glass Slipper

Snow Goddess

Sour Banana Sherbet

Sour O.G.

Strawberry Fields



We have clones for sale daily at our new retail location in Grandview. The new clones will be dropped at the store every Tueday so if you are after a certain plant you should go early in the week. Once we sell out of clones there will be no more until the next delivery on Tuesday.  Medical clones will still be at the Bodo store on Fridays and can be reserved with a deposit. 


Arriving Tuesday June 12th


3 Banana Split

2 Mango Haze CBD

3 Spec Ops

1 Bluetooth

3 Taffie

10 Blackberry

10 Clementine

6 Clifford

4 Golden Goat

9 Green Crack

8 Maui Wowie

8 Pre-98 Bubba Kush

1 Jabberwocky

6 Purple Bio Diesel

Total: 74

Arriving Tuesday June 19th

2 Clementine

2 Hemlock

4 24K

7 Candyland

2 Skunk Haze CBD

10 Citrus Sap

2 G.S.C.

11 Kryptonite

12 Magic Carpet

5 Mob Boss

11 Purple Bio Diesel

9 Sour Sunset

3 Sweet Thunder

Total:  80