24K Gold, 21.6%

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Kosher Kush x Tangie

24k Gold is a delicious strain and a genetic cross between Kosher Kush (Indica) and Tangie (Sativa), both heavy hitting strains.  Kosher Kush is a strong Indica that was Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica in 2010 and 2011.  Kosher Kush offers spicy and pungent Earthy aromas coupled with the Sweet woody taste and Lemon accents.  Kosher Kush is great for help with chronic pain, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, PTSD and stress.  Tangie is another phenomenal strain from Amsterdam, a powerful Sativa, and is where the Tangerine hints in 24k Gold originate.  Tangie is a strain best known for its relief of ADHD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, appetite loss and stress.  Tangie has an aroma of sour Oranges and tastes of sweet tropical citrus.  24k Gold is an Indica dominant Hybrid that has a THC level that typically range between 17% and 24%.  It boasts flavors of Orange and Citrus with subtle hints of Tangerine.  24k Gold is the perfect strain for a balance between head and body euphoria’s.  24k Gold is an excellent strain in treating such ailments as arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, appetite loss, migraines and stress.