Binske Olive Oil, 100mg.

These single origin, Napa Valley California olive oils are made from the finest stock in California before being infused with a perfect dose of cannabis. Olives are hand-picked in Napa Valley’s unique volcanic micro climate, are cold pressed, then combined with gourmet flavors such as Chili, Garlic and Lemon. Use as a garnish or mix into a favorite recipe for a sophisticated cannabis experience. The 30ml bottle comes with a 3ml dropper, consisting of a single dose.

Bisnke is the maker of some of the finest edibles in the state of Colorado!  Binske is the world's first fair trade, single origin Cannabis Company. They have taken the best, most honest aspects of the Cannabis world, and fused them with the best, most honest aspects of the Culinary World. Singular Cannabis of the Highest Caliber.  In order to select optimum ingredients, it is essential to understand where, how, and when such ingredients are harvested. That’s why Binske has invested considerable time learning their ideal conditions.  Binske’s world-to-table ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from artisan origin farms around the world.  Binske is driven by one simple ambition: to make the best-tasting and highest quality cannabis products. Binske cannabis represents a complexity of flavors and sensations with every bite, sip or hit.