Highly Edibles Gummy Pucks

Assorted Fruit Pucks, 250mg.

Assorted Sour Pucks, 250mg.

Cherry Pucks, 250mg.

Golden Strawberry Pucks, 250mg.

Peach Pucks, 250mg.

Watermelon Pucks, 250mg.

10:1 Cherry, Lemon & Orange 200mg CBD, 20mg THC.

10:1 Watermelon, Peach, & Golden Strawberry 200mg CBD, 20mg THC.

Highly Edibles makes several delicious Cannabis infused gummies.  All Highly Edible Gummies are 100% all-natural, gluten free and vegan, and use some of the best ingredients in the state of Colorado.  Highly Edible uses real fruit juices and organic ingredients in all of their gummies.