Delilah's Tinctures, CBD, Indica, Sativa

CBD Tincture.  Our Desert Frost strain, extracted with local, organic Moonshine and blended with vegetable glycerin, our CBD tinctures boast 230mg of CBD per fluid ounce.

THC Indica/Sativa.   A basic tincture great for patients who love simple yet effective effects. Test results vary but are never lower than 290mg THC.

Delilah’s infused products are solvent free and made on site with nutritious ingredients, which are locally sourced when available. We cater to all dietary restrictions and preferences.  Their onsite kitchen allows them to use the freshest and purest ingredients and minimizes processing and handling.  Delilah’s Serves patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma, positive status for HIV and AIDS or treatment for such conditions, cachexia, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures with characteristics of epilepsy, persistent muscle spasms including those that are characteristics of multiple sclerosis or any other medical condition approved by the state of Colorado health agency.