Cannachew Caramels

Cannabis infused caramel chews.

CBD, 50mg CBD, 2mg THC

CBD:THC, 50mg CBD, 50mg THC

Cannachew chose caramels because they are high in fat.  The fat helps your body absorb the CBD/THC.  By helping it get into your system faster, the effects kick in faster.  Canna Elixirs started with this simple cannabis caramel.  The caramels are sweet, chewy , and come in CBD only, THC only, and a 1:1 of THC/CBD.  The caramels come in varying strengths, 50mg for the CBD only, 100mg THC/CBD 1:1 (50mg CBD and 50mg THC), 100mg and 200mg THC only.  These Canna Chew caramels now come in 10g squares packaged in blister packaging. These squares are then placed inside a dram and shrink wrapped.