Blue Kudu Chocolate Bars

Alpine Glacier Bar, 400mg.  The perfect amount of invigorating mint flavor meets our premium dark chocolate.

Canyon Lands Bar, 400mg.  Milk chocolate blended with roasted, crunchy peanuts.

Craters of the Moon Bar, 100mg.  The classic combination of smooth, creamy white chocolate and crunchy cookie bits.

Isle of Capri Bar, Indica and Sativa, 100mg.  Two types of bold chocolate with a hint of natural oranges makes this a chocolate lover's reward that's also rich in antioxidants.

Jungle Roast Bar, 200mg.  Dark chocolate and real French and Colombian coffee beans gives this bar a smooth, balanced flavor.

Mesa Skyline Bar, 100mg  Creamy milk chocolate mixed with dry roasted almonds and toffee bits.

Zen Garden Bar, 200mg.  Dark chocolate topped with dry roasted almonds and tart, dried cherries. 

Blue Kudu is the maker of some of the finest chocolate bars in the state of Colorado.  Blue Kudu has meticulously crafted a sustainable, consistent product so you can honor the moments that come together to create a heightened bliss. It is in each passing minute that the beauty of anticipation is discovered. Each bite another feeling, each second a deeper dive into relaxation.  Indulge in the whole experience. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.