The Bank Seeds, Pack of 6

Bobble Head, 60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid, Headband x Bubba.  Feminized. 

Cherry Zephyr, 25/75 Sativa, Cherry Pie x Trainwreck.  Feminized.   

Crazy Glue, 50/50 Hybrid, Gorilla Glue x Bubba.  Feminized. 

Diesel Train, 10/90 Sativa, Sour Diesel x Trainwreck.  Femenized.

Double Bubba, 100% Pure Indica, Pre '98 Bubba Kush x Bubba. 

Grape Kush, 90/10 Indica, Grape God x Bubba.  Feminized. 

Headwreck, 25/75 Sativa, Headband x Trainwreck.  Femenized.

Orange Blossom Express, 15/85 Sativa, Tangie x Trainwreck.  Feminized.  

Sleeping Monkey, 15/85 Sativa, Gorilla Glue x Trainwreck.  Non-Femenized. 

The Bank Genetics produces the finest marijuana seeds from award winning strains such as Grape God Bud, in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Their grow staff has years of experience and has won many awards including High Times Cannabis Cup and THC Championship awards.  The Bank produces feminized seeds in a wide variety of strains.