O.Pen Craft Reserve Cartridge, 500mg

Indica or Sativa. 

The O.pen Vape Craft Reserve Cartridge is the top of the line when it comes to O.Pen cartridges.  Collected from hand-selected flower with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes this oil is guaranteed to treat you right with its top of the line concentrate.  The O.Pen Craft Reserve Cartridge uses  a cannabis oil created using proprietary supercritical C02 extraction. This extraction method is environmentally friendly, and certainly a healthy alternative to other cannabis oil products.  The O.Pen Craft Reserve Cartridge is made with the finest hand-selected cannabis flower, not trim like many other companies choose to use in their products.  Paying special attention to each flower that is used in the production of the artisan-inspired oils creates the most potent and flavorful cannabis oils to date.

*These are processed with DO’s own Trim*