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Recreational Specials for Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The current $225- $250 prepackaged ounces for the Durango Recreational Side are as follows:


Blue Dream, 60/40 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Candyland, 50/50 Hybrid

Chem Dawg, 50/50 Hybrid

Headband, 50/50 Hybrid 

Island Tour, 40/60 Hybrid/Sativa 

Jabberwocky, 50/50 Hybrid

Karma B, 50/50 Hybrid 

Purple Bio Diesel, 50/50 Hybrid

Snow Goddess, 50/50 Hybrid 

Sour OG, 40/60 Hybrid/Sativa 



Commerce City Kush, 70/30 Indica

Elephant Purple, 70/30 Indica 

Kurple Fantasy, 80/20 Indica 

Power Kush, 75/25 Indica 

Pre '98 Bubba Kush, 90/10 Indica. 

Sweet Confidential, 80/20 Indica 



Alaskan Sweet Skunk, 25/75 Sativa 

East Coast Sour Diesel, 20/80 Sativa. 

Good Medicine CBD, 30/70 Sativa

Green Crack, 20/80 Sativa 

Harlequin #5 CBD, 25/75 Sativa 

Haze, 20/80 Sativa. 

Kryptonite, 10/90 Sativa

Mango Haze, 20/80 Sativa. 

That is what we currently have available and is for the Durango Recreational Side Only!