Happy Camper Wax, 1G

Alaskan Sweet Skunk, Sativa, 85.31%.

Biesel, Hybrid, 86.6%.

Blackberry Kush, Indica, 74.44%.

Durban Poison, Sativa, 81.89%.

Gorilla Glue, Hybrid, 82.83%.

Haze, Sativa, 83.51% THC/2.15% CBD. 

Jesus OG, Sativa, 74.89%.

New York City Diesel, Sativa dominant Hybrid, 78.87%.

New York City Sour Diesel, Sativa Dominant Hybrid, 75.73%. 

Sour Ape, Indica, 77.47%.

Sour OG, Hybrid, 83.02%.

Sour Sunset, Indica Dominant Hybrid, 87.11% THC/1.45% CBD. 

Happy Camper Extracts is the maker of one of the purest extracts in the state of Colorado.  Happy Camper’s aim is to offer consistency, consistent Stability, aroma and flavor in all of their concentrates.  Happy Camper Concentrates are among the highest testing in both THC and CBD, with concentrates that regularly test in the 90’s.  You can’t go wrong with Happy Camper!

*These are processed with DO’s own Trim*