Dabble Budder & Wax, 1G

Budder, '98 Blackberry, Indica, 68.7%.

Budder, Blackberry Kush, Indica, 71.4%.

Budder, Snow Boss, Sativa dominant Hybrid, 74.9%.

Budder, Sweet Mob Cookies, Sativa, 75.5%.

Budder, Sweet Wocky Krypton, Sativa, 69.2%.

Budder, Sour OG, Hybrid, 59.1%.

Wax, East Coast Headband, Sativa dominant Hybrid, 75.1%.

Wax, Elephant Purple, Indica, 72%.

Wax, Headband Fire, Indica dominant Hybrid, 73.9%.

Wax, Headpower, Indica, 69.8%.

Wax, Jabberwocky, Hybrid, 74.1%.

Wax, Kryptonite, Sativa, 81%.

Wax, Kurple Fantasy, Indica, 73.7%.

Wax, Organic Blend, Hybrid, 73.2%.

Wax, Pre '98 Bubba Kush, Indica, 75%. 

Dabble Extracts produces one of the cleanest extracts on the market.  Dabble Extracts is an award-winning concentrate company working with a wide variety of dispensaries throughout Colorado.  Dabble Extracts offers a wide selection of high-purity, quality concentrates at a price that everyone can afford.

*These are processed with DO’s own Trim*