Mountain Medicine Baked Goods, 300mg

Blueberry Pie Bar, 300mg.  We layer heavenly blueberry pie filling between flaky pie crust and brown sugar-coat topping for this fresh-baked, medicated take on your Grandmother’s cobbler.

Caramel Pretzel Bites, 250mg.  Inspired by our classic chocolate-dipped pretzels, these delightful bites combine handmade infused caramel, crunchy pretzel bits, and medicated chocolate. – 300mg THC (6x 50mg).

Chocolate Fudge Bites, 250mg.  Our Devil’s Food fudge is made by hand the old-fashioned way. We start use the finest chocolate available and add a hint of local, cold-pressed Highland Honey to create a bite of melt-in-your-mouth medicated heaven. – 350mg THC (7x 50mg).

Cinna-Apple Pie Bar, 300mg.  An absolutely fabulous cinnamon infused apple pie bar with 300mg of active THC.  

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar, 350mg.  An absolutely fabulous Peanut Butter infused chocolate bar with 350mg of active THC.

S'Mores Bites, 250mg.  Our toasted twist on a campfire classic combines infused chocolate ganache, marshmallows, and crumbled graham crackers. – 250mg THC (5x 50mg).

Mountain Medicine is the maker of some of the finest edibles that Colorado has to offer.  All Mountain Medicine Edibles are made with local Goat’s milk for those that have problems digesting dairy products.  Mountain Medicine strives to provide a higher level of edible by using only the freshest ingredients coupled with modern cultivation and cooking techniques to ensure only the finest baked goods.  Mountain Medicine also inspects and tests their products to ensure that you receive an accurate and consistent dosage.