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Medical & Recreational Marijuana in Durango, CO

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SW Colorado's #1 Resource for Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Durango Organics is the leading Medical (and now recreational) Marijuana Retail Store in Southwest Colorado. Discreetly located, we sell a vast number of Marijuana strains, Marijuana clones, edibles, topical solutions and more. Our philosophy is to:

  • Produce and offer the highest quality cannabis products.
  • Assist patients with treatment options, compliance issues and superior customer service.
  • Serve as advocates for the medical marijuana industry and the acceptance of cannabis as a viable pain medication.

We have two locations, a recreational and medical store in Durango, Colorado as well as a medical dispensary in Cortez, Colorado. Note: At the Cortez location patrons must be 21 years of age or older for medical and recreational marijuana.

40+ Strains!

40 bud strains

We Sell Clones

Marijuana Clones

Licensed Budtenders

Durango licensed budtenders

Two Locations!

Durango Organics Marijuana Dispensary Location
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